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  • l PHICOMM Smart Home strategy was released  definer & leader of smart home industry

    l Strategic layout of business development of PHICOMM Smart HomeSmart Data and Smart Life

    l A brand-new Shenzhen R&D Center of PHICOMM went into operation

    l PHICOMM has been in the ranks of China top 100 electronic information enterprises for four years

    l K3C, the first home router under the cooperation between PHICOMM and INTEL, was launched worldwide synchronously

  • l    Sales champion of routers in Jingdong “Double 11” shopping season

    l    Championship of PHICOMM fleet at CTCC

    l    Strategic transformation of Smart Home in October

    l    Shanghai TOP100 Enterprises for consecutive three years

    l    PHICOMM allied with industrial partners to build China’s largest cloud rendering base

    l    ZPMC Monitoring Center construction project

  • l    PHICOMM won the title of “Pilot Enterprise for Patent Work in Shanghai”

    l PHICOMM built up China’s first 500-household Smart Home community

    l Board Chairman Mr. Gu Guoping won the title of “Topnotch Talent in Songjiang at the Fourth Selection”

    l PHICOMM won the titles of “TOP100 Enterprises in Shanghai”, “TOP100 Private Enterprises”, “TOP50 Manufacturers” and “TOP50 Private Manufacturers”

    l PHICOMM ranked 109th among TOP500 Chinese Foreign Trade Private Enterprises

    l PhiCloud virtual data center solution won “Award of Best Solution in Chinese Software and Information Service and Information Security Date Center Field in 2014”

    l PHICOMM cloud computing unit won: Global Best Practice Award and Leading Chinese Brand Award

  • l    PHICOMM won Award of Excellent Brand in 2014

    l PHICOMM won Award of the Most Growable Enterprise in Communication Sector in 2014

    l PHICOMM won Communication “Four New” Enterprise Award in 2014

    l PHICOMM Cloud Shanghai V23 data center started capital construction

    l PHICOMM applied for 988 patents, ranking third among native enterprises of Shanghai, and eighth in the mobile phone industry

    l PHICOMM established strategic cooperation with China Unicom

    l PHICOMM established strategic cooperation with Alcatel-Lucent

    l PHICOMM and Fudan University established the Academician Expert Workstation

    l PHICOMM and Shanghai Jiaotong University established the Shanghai Jiaoda Phicomm Smart City Research Center

    l PHICOMM won the 2014 District Mayor Quality Award of Songjiang District People’s Government (Organization)

    l PHICOMM won the title of (2013) Advanced Enterprise in Songjiang

    l PHICOMM ascended into the ranks of 2014 TOP100 Chinese Electronic Information Enterprises

    l PHICOMM ascended into the ranks of 2014 TOP500 Chinese Private Enterprises in the Manufacturing Industry

    l The Data Center of PHICOMM Headquarters won “Future Thinking and Design Concepts Award” and “Specific Mission Team Award” of the Datacenter Dynamics Awards

    l PHICOMM realized above RMB10 billion of turnover

  • l    PHICOMM involved in cloud computing

    l PHICOMM developed ICT business and hence five BUs took shape

    l Shanghai Headquarters completed phase-1 construction and went into official operation

    l No. 6 new production base (335,800 m2) started construction

    l The IDC in Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone (22000 m2) started construction

    l PHICOMM realized above RMB6 billion of turnover

    l PHICOMM and Fudan University established the Joint Lab on Terminal Security

    l PHICOMM and Shanghai Dianji University established Shanghai Dianji-Phicomm Information Technology Research Institute

    l PHICOMM ranked 41st among the 2013 Shanghai TOP100 Private Enterprises

    l PHICOMM ascended into the ranks of “Best Chinese Employers in 2013” – TOP30 in Shanghai

    l PHICOMM won Annual Innovation Award for Smart City Solution at IT Service China

    l PHICOMM FIR303B wireless router won IT168 Annual Product Award

    l PHICOMM won “Enterprise of the Year for Software and Information Service in China” and “Annual Award for Excellent Enterprise in Chinese Software and Information Service Data Center          Field” at China Software Conference

    l PHICOMM FIR302B wireless router won Editor Recommendation Award at Annual PConline IT Product Evaluation

    l PHICOMM modem won the title of Shanghai Famous Brand Product

  • l Phase-1 construction of Shanghai Headquarters was commenced

    l PHICOMM realized RMB3.035 billion of overall turnover European branch went into operation

    l PHICOMM and Qualcomm officially initiated cooperation

  • l    PHICOMM officially released “PHICOMM”, a new logo of an international brand to embark on an international road

    l    PHICOMM launched a mobile phone product line

    l    PHICOMM realized RMB1.244 billion of turnover

    l    PHICOMM set up Shanghai Mobile R&D Center

    l    PHICOMM set up Shanghai Second R&D Center (data communication products)

  • l PHICOMM built up No. 7 industrial base and put it into operation

    l PHICOMM realized RMB420 million of turnover

    l PHICOMM set up Shanghai First R&D Center

    l PHICOMM set up Shenzhen R&D Center (data communication products)

  • l     Phicomm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established. Its global headquarters was in Shanghai 

    l    PHICOMM launched enterprise network product line and home network product line and realized RMB56 million of turnover


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