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PHICOMM is playing a big game in smart home sector


白小姐高手论坛 www.yb216.cn Today, it is at a turning point to industrial Internet. Data is exchanged with other things through wireless network to form a world of “everything is connected to a network and computing is everywhere”. In the future when every product is connected, all home articles, such as: electric appliances, doors and windows, will be hooked to the Internet. The space of imagination and exploration is enormous. However, the concept “smart home” is not in a stage of real explosion so far.

On August 04, Phicomm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“PHICOMM” for short) launched a brand new product K3C based on Intel? Home Wi-Fi chipset, first ever in China, and announced it would synchronously launch this high-end smart home router worldwide.

This product inherits the appearance and performance of K3, the first flagship product released by PHICOMM under a smart home strategy in the first half of this year. What is more, in order to address current market development trend and user’s pain points during use, it is configured with Intel? AnyWANTM SoC GRX350 and Intel? Home Wi-Fi chipset WAV 500 series for the first time, optimizes forwarding of small packets in consideration of increasing e-sports players, and uses an independent PPA hardware acceleration module to forward game ROS packets, which means players will reduce delay of network games and packet loss rate.

The release of K3C makes the smart gateway products of PHICOMM in the smart home sector form all-round deployment from price to function, including K2, K2P, K3C and K3, covering three segment markets of below RMB500, below RMB1000 and above RMB1500 respectively. The product lines in the market tend to be complete. 


Smart home ecology emerged

WiFi as a definitely standard home configuration in the epoch of Internet has existed for 25 years. According to the estimate of Cisco, with the increase of devices connected to IOT, the number of devices connected to IOT will reach 50 billion by 2020.

In the future, typical smart home products will not be limited to refrigerators that can automatically stock up. As more and more devices are connected to home network, if without safe and reliable high-speed network devices as support, intelligent devices will be unable to conduct effective information interaction. The demand for home WIFI is increasing, too, so home router/gateway is becoming an important basis for establishment of smart home.

The unique products of PHICOMM bring about great visual impact and excitation to consumers and create more market opportunities for PHICOMM.

By July, the monthly sales volume of PHICOMM K2, K2P and K3 series products reached 1,500,000. Before this, from 2016 on, K2 router of PHICOMM launched in a mode of “zero yuan buy” had occupied a half of the domestic gigabit router market. Data indicates PHICOMM has seized 75% of high-end router market.

Of course, sales amount and market shares are very important, but views and thinking are more important. Starting from K3, the router products of PHICOMM has deeply impressed consumers —— this product adopts a novel streamline appearance in a shape of “octopus” different from the convention. It was finely designed by Danish Jacob Jensen Design studio – reputed as “a legend in industrial design sector” and introduced a 3.5 TFT LCD screen. For the above reason, it won 2017 German iF Design Award - “Oscar of design.

Starting from PHICOMM K3, PHICOMM products all embody the goal of PHICOMM in smart home sector: transfer from communication products to real-sense “Smart Home” products, and become a part of family life. K3C inherits the classical appearance of PHICOMM K3, which won IF Design Award, while its colors are more avant-garde and fashionable, and include classical grey, galaxy silver and champagne golden, fitting in with individualized home styles of more users.

The data of market researcher Gartner indicates that in 2016, 6.4 billion devices connected to the Internet were used in the world (not including personal computers, mobile phones and notebooks), up by 30% over the previous year. From printers to refrigerators, from curtains to automobiles, most daily necessities may be hooked to the Internet and controlled by App remotely in the future.

In an interview, PHICOMM Founder and CEO Gu Guoping expressed, smart home needs a complete layout rather than a specific product. Change is taking place in smart home sector. All major manufacturers are in an exploratory stage, and the industry still lacks a real pacemaker. As a practitioner who considers smart home as a strategic goal of the enterprise, Gu Guoping didn’t evade the fact “it still takes some time to incorporate real smart home into life” when talking about his future vision to which he has been devoted for many years. 


PHICOMM Founder and CEO Gu Guoping

 “Real Smart Home has not reached a stage of market explosion. Currently, it is more about concept rather than substantial content.” He said, “smart home now is still in a primary stage. The concept of smart home is readily accepted in the market, but products are still single and have not formed a complete system.”

Following the fast increase of home broadband access speed in tier-1 cities, and the growth of intelligent devices at home, ordinary routers can hardly meet the requirements of households for broadband throughput. It is the reason why PHICOMM cooperated with Intel and launched the first Intel chip router product.

K3C is provided with six high-gain built-in PCB array antennae. Through careful calibration, they can more effectively eliminate signal dead zones compared with the mainstream configuration of three or four antennae in the market. Different from conventional memory used by most products, K3C is provided with 256MB DDR3 1600RAM and 128MB NAND high-speed flash memory ROM. Three gigabit LAN interfaces and a gigabit WAN interface raise transmission rate by 10 times and waste no bandwidth. Plus a USB3.0 high-speed data transmission interface and external storage devices, K3C may be upgraded into a high-speed storage sharing center of smart home by single click.

Benefiting from the configured Intel? AnyWANTM SoC GRX350 and Intel? Home Wi-Fi chipset WAV 500 series, K3C may stably connect maximum 128 intelligent terminals at the same time. Meanwhile, MU-MIMO technology adopted by K3C can maximally utilize bandwidth and distribute signals to multiple connected terminals without impairing its gigabit speed and good operating condition.

According to the measured data of PHICOMM, in the comparison test with the routers of other brands, when 60 terminals were connected, the Internet speed of K3C was 30% higher than other brands’; when 100 terminals were connected, other routers basically couldn’t work, whereas K3C still maintained stable performance. The introduction of a powerful partner like Intel also helps perfect the supply chain of PHICOMM K series router products and assure market supply. It is reported that more than 50,000 products were reserved in JD.COM on the launch date of K3C.

Today, PHICOMM has realized all-round integration of global excellent resources during product R&D, and sell its products synchronously in core markets in the world. As the last one of the flagship products of PHICOMM in 2017, K3C has three versions: Chinese version, North American version and European version.

Through the cooperation with Intel at a technical level, K3C entered international market through worldwide synchronous launch, making an important first step of its international expedition.


Quicken international layout

In the opinion of Gu Guoping, a company must learn to pursue some things higher than its current stage, otherwise it is likely to be stranded in the current operation and forget the initial goal and vision – changing the world. The experience of intelligent interconnection “for the future” is just the beginning of the global strategy and layout of PHICOMM based on smart home.

In the past year, new products and services kept pushing smart home to the center of PHICOMM strategy. Before that, PHICOMM introduced “Smart Home + Smart Data Smart Life” strategy. It is a major transformation of the company in the past 8 years after completion of technical accumulation and industrial layout.

Based on this transformation, the goal of PHICOMM is to become a network product manufacturer, smart hardware supplier and cloud service operator in smart home in next three years, break the layout through home network products, provide safe and convenient home intelligence product with novel design and high performance, thus realizing the target of RMB50 billion of sales revenue.

No doubt, with the development of technology, the system will get more complex. The layout of smart home is system engineering to PHICOMM. The businesses in the ecological chain of Smart Home are not only router and data, or hardware, but also include service. The strategic transformation of PHICOMM is also not limited to adjustment at the level of “application” or “device” but large-scale investment to cope with explosive growth of mobile platform. To complete such strategic layout, we must have enormous investment, early layout and wisdom enough for solving all difficulties.  

PHICOMM has R&D bases in Shanghai and Shenzhen and owns R&D institutions and data centers abroad and spends 8%-10% of sales revenue on R&D every year. The data center in Munich plans to accommodate 1000 cabinets, coming out in front among overseas data centers of domestic enterprises in terms of size.

At present, among the three business blocks of PHICOMM, Smart Home business accounts for 50%, Smart Data 40% and Smart Life 10%. The hardware business of Smart Home block has a high market share. The data centers of Smart Data block will grow into the most powerful business unit in the non-operator sector except China Telecom. “Today, PHICOMM finds a place in capacity building because we have started our arrangement long before and set up barriers in relevant production elements. By 2020, PHICOMM will have great competitiveness in data center block”, said Gu Guoping.

It is learnt that in addition to the established data centers in Shanghai and Guangzhou, PHICOMM Beijing Data Center will go into operation in late August, and PHICOMM will open a data center with nearly 8800 cabinets in Shanghai by the end of this year.

When an enterprise decides what services it will provide for the market, the services will foster the enterprise as return. Since PHICOMM was just established, it has started developing market globally. PHICOMM established German subsidiary and Singaporean subsidiary in 2012, officially setting out its international march. Through years’ development, its overseas team has covered Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Southeast Asia and spread business to many countries in the world.

Quoting Tan Weng Kuan, Intel Global Vice President and Client Computing Product Business Department China Region General Manager, as saying, “China is not only a country of production but also a center of innovation, not only has great demand for better network connection, higher transmission rate and fewer delays for example, but also put more applications to the world.”

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