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The products of GIS+BIM integrated management platform with a wide range of application include urban and landscape planning, architectural design, travel and leisure activities, 3D cadastre, environmental simulation, simulation of heat conduction, mobile telecommunication, disaster management, homeland security, vehicle and pedestrian navigation, three-dimensional city modeling, training simulator, mobile robot and indoor navigation.

1、Homeland security


       An eligible list report of windows and buildings along the line may be generated through city model data jointly created by BIM and GIS. There will be limitation if only one is applied as an analysis means. By detailed CityGML information and IFC model data attached to the city models along the line, we can easily and accurately position and identify windows. 

2、Indoor navigation


3D navigation may be realized through an internal building model provided by BIM with the help of positioning technology. For instance, the indoor navigation system the company developed for a large business center in Shanghai applies BIM and GIS and may provide cross-floor and cross-building navigation for employees. Meanwhile it may also rehearse the escape route during simulation of emergencies, significantly reducing human casualties from disasters.

3、3D city modeling


Urban buildings have various types, characteristics, overall dimensions, external colors and textures, and barriers. From BIM, we may obtain the accurate height, overall dimensions and internal spatial information of a building without difficulty. Therefore, significant reduction of the cost of architectural space information is expected if we integrate BIM and GIS, model the building, share the space information of the building and its surrounding geographic environment and apply them in urban 3D GIS analysis.


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