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Server Storage Products

白小姐高手论坛 www.yb216.cn The swift development of cloud computing, big data, and social and mobile networks is a major driving force to high-performance servers and storage devices and brings about revolutionary changes in infrastructure architecture, O&M and business models. The storage server series products of PHICOMM were developed on the basis of general-purpose x86 servers, and may provide rich and differentiated products and integrated solutions.


Data Centers

The data centers rely on our powerful machine rooms and cooperate with international first-class suppliers and basic operators. All the machine rooms were built according to Tier 3+ standard or higher to guarantee power, network and data security. The data centers under construction cover Shanghai, Beijing and other tier-1 cities and inland tier-2 core cities as well as Munich in Germany and Silicon Valley in the United States and will provide a solid foundation and redundant guarantee for cloud computing service of PHICOMM. The data centers have an O&M team leading in the industry. The members all have at least above five years’ professional experience.


Cloud Storage

PHICOMM cloud storage service is an expandable cloud data storage service with high availability, high stability, high security and low cost for individuals and enterprises and meets various storage demands. You may put any quantity and form of unstructured data in PHICOMM cloud and realize data management and processing. Through total backup, we will take good care of all of your data.



Application of GIS+BIM integration management platform is very broad, its products include city and landscape planning, architectural design, tourism and leisure activities, 3D cadastral map, environment simulation, heat conduction simulation, mobile telecommunications, disaster management, homeland security, vehicle and pedestrian navigation, 3D city modeling, training simulator, mobile robot indoor navigation, etc..



ITIL operation and related products using methods, technology, system, process and document, such as a hard running environment of IT (software environment, network environment, etc.) to carry on the comprehensive management system of IT business and IT operation and maintenance personnel.

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